Team Adventurous Hooker’s Amazing Trip to the Other Side!

Posted: Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

My Daughter Ashley, and fellow Brassy Hooker Teammate Thomas and I got invited to head out on the Adventurous, she is a 36 Foot Custom Yellowfin Yacht sporting over 800hp. Our plan was to head to the otherside of the stream and find the cool water, then the birds and hopefully Yellowfin Tuna.  In the morning we headed East into the darkness on a 115 degree heading and at sunrise found ourselves in the hunt. We worked a few packs and ended up around 28.03 N and 078.50 W and thats were we saw the temp gauge go down to 75 degrees. The next pack of birds we fished all five 50 wides were dumping, we went from wondering if they were there to wondering who is over who and who is going to get cut off, and then BAM, we got five fish in the box!! This went on for a few hours and then we realized we were about 5 fish from our limit and were in a lull. After a little discussion we headed back East five miles and found the pack of birds that would finish us off for our limit. The last fish of the day was also the biggest fish of 54lbs and was foul hooked in the side. It gave Tony (owner) a run for his money, but with a little finesse and constant pressure this fish hit the deck and as it did, the hook falls out.  So here we are,  it’s 5pm and we were 110nm from Port Canaveral, boat is full of fish, everyone is bloody, and its flat calm. After a good cleaning, out comes the bean bags and Martin points her West. 2 Hours and 42 minutes later we were pulling into Port Canaveral, you can’t beat a 45 mph ride in!!!

We ended up with a few Dolphin and 18 Yellowfin averaging 50lbs, this day will go down as one of my best days “Over There”!!

Thanks Karen, Martin, Uncle Martin and Tony  for an outstanding day known as the day Team Adventurous Hooker got together and killed it!!

Check out a few videos from the trip here Brassy Hooker on You Tube

Good Luck and Tight Lines

Capt Brad Spalding



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